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At Solar & Green we are experts in Solar Panel Installations and Thermodynamic Energy Panels.

mr bell thermodynamic panels home solar panels installed and solar pv on the roof

Mr Bell Home Solar Panels


As a company we developed and grown thorugh our genuine interest in Green Renewable sector and the tecnologies that are on offer to consumers. These technologies whether Solar PV or Solar Thermal offer a reduction in energy costs for the end user and an income which can help an average household or business become self sustainable, freeing our customers from the constant worry of rising energy costs adn huge bills that seem to be rising at an unprecedented rate.

Mr Bell in Huddersfield has had both Solar PV installed and Thermodynamic water system and here is what he had to say:

I rate the surveyor, office staff through to the fitting team as excellent and the products performance too. I had some teething troubles at the start due to thermostat being set at too high a setting, when it was reset it began to operate as it was meant to. I am very pleased with the results of having both electric and hot water systems installed by Solar & Green in fact i am astounded by the savings on gas usage.  Job well done.

Ben Rattle – The Surveyor comments: We are very pleased that you taking advantage of both systems and are reaping the rewards of both these renewable technologies.  Happy bill saving.

Solar PV and Thermodynamic Prices

Take for example Thermodynamic Energy Panels this system can totally slash Gas Bills with a system that is capable of producing 100% of your hot water day and night. This system has created an interest as a one panel system cost £4999 and can be purchased on Interest Free Credit over 2 years. The savings from your gas bill will contribute to the payments so there is nothing to lose.

RHI for Thermodynamics

The RHI is an incentive that is already open to Commercial Installations who are receiving a payment of 8.5p per kw produced. Next year the Government have promised to make this avaialbe to the Domestic sector as well so all household should be able to claim this as well.

Thermodynamic Panel System Costs

The running costs of Themodynamics is very low, the system runs from electricity. If you have both Solar PV and enrgy panels you shluld benefit from both tariffs which should pay you bills for the next 20 years. This should make an excellent contribution to your quality of life, amking solar PV and Thermodynamics an excellent investment for years to come.

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If you wish for a free survey for either of these products do not hesitate to contact the office on 0845 293 40 80 and talk to one of the team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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